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Which superheroes are eco-friendly?

Superhero fans often argue about who is the strongest and even the best looking, but who are the best at teaching kids about protecting the environment?

SaveOnEnergy, a UK energy company, created a ranking system based on several eco-factors for 30 of the top superheroes. With the highest score of 127 out of 210, Spider-Man ranked at the top as the most eco-friendly.

Superheroes were ranked based on their attitudes toward the planet and ecosystems, choice of transportation, energy use, waste and how their weapons impact the environment. Spider-Man ranked top because he uses webs for transportation, has a beneficial affiliation with animals and focuses on reducing damage.

If you want to see which superheroes also rank well, and those that don’t, you can share the Supergreen! Eco-Friendliest Superheroes with your kid’s at SaveOnEnergy.

Illustration: SaveOnEnergy

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Kathy D.
Kathy D.
3 years ago

Clearly the UK doesn’t know about Captain Planet!