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Taste a share of the local harvest with a CSA

By Tina Moessner

It’s that time of year again, when fresh, local varieties of fruits and vegetables are right around the corner. One of the best ways to get the upcoming local harvest is to sign up directly with local farmers, grocers and delivery services for a weekly share.

A community supported agriculture (CSA) program is a pre-season agreement between a farmer and customer for a weekly share of food. The customer signs up for a weekly share during the growing season. Customers pay at the beginning of the season to support the farmer financially and to help the farmer better plan. CSA members pick up weekly produce from the farm or a designated location. Some CSAs offer produce only, while others provide eggs and milk or meat.

The benefits of becoming a CSA member include weekly fresh produce, trying new fruits and vegetables, a better understanding of seasonal eating and lastly, building a relationship with the farmers who grow our food.

One of the best ways to choose a CSA program is to find one close to your home, at your favorite farmers market or workplace. It is important to ask farmers questions about their CSA program and growing practices. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What quantity of produce can I expect to receive each week?
  • Does your CSA include any meat, milk, poultry or eggs?
  • Do you ever supplement CSA bags with food from other farmers?
  • Is the produce grown using organic and sustainable practices?
  • Can CSA members select produce for their share?
  • What is the distribution schedule and the distribution location?

Besides the traditional CSA program, there are also additional delivery or scheduled services to consider. Workplace CSA programs deliver to workplaces where multiple employees can sign up for a weekly share. It is also possible to place Internet orders for local and organic food that is delivered to homes or workplaces.

Sign up for local food

Kansas City Food Circle (KCFC) members offering organic CSA programs in 2016 include members who offer traditional, delivery to workplace, or home delivery programs. Contact the farm for specific services.

To learn more about joining a CSA, contact the farmers listed below or visit


Adams Osage Ridge Aronia Community Farm Independence, MO

816-255-6261, [email protected]

Antioch Urban Growers Kansas City, MO

816-699-4953, [email protected]

Blue Door Farm Kansas City, MO

816-805-0362, [email protected]

Buds And Berries/Wisely Farm Butler, MO

660-679-4308, [email protected]

Cobinsteinz Farm Bucyrus, MO

913-341-8772, [email protected]

Fair Share Farm Kearney, MO

816-721-4456, [email protected]

Farrar Family Farm Adrian, MO

[email protected]


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