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Tour the gardens & support pollinators

The Westport Garden Club Tour will feature five, private gardens and support the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative and its efforts to bring back the pollinators.

The tour will be held from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 13 in Mission Hills and Fairway, KS. Gardens include:

  • An Artful Garden

This 20-year-old family garden in Fairway has a uniquely designed vegetable garden highlighted by the gardener’s handmade wattle fence and trellis supports. It features a 30-year-old bay leaf tree, perennial herb garden, a small pond and a table set for dinner with the gardener’s hand-printed tablecloth and ceramic dinnerware.

  • Homage to Italy

This Italianate designed Mission Hills estate has an upper terrace with a view of the expansive grounds that includes sculptures of Roman gods and two garden houses surrounding a pool and water feature.

  • A Romantic Hilltop Retreat

“The Hills are Alive” in Mission Hills at this home’s dramatic setting across a creek and on top of a wooded hillside. The grounds are covered with specimen plants that surround a pathway through trees, birdhouses, a fairy house, pond, floating garden and screened porch set for a children’s party.

  • Cape Cod Charm

A 30-foot, Kansas champion big leaf magnolia shades the front courtyard of this garden inspired by 30 years of traveling to Cape Cod and around the world. A brick terrace is lined with northstar boxwood and variegated liriope. A covered veranda and stone fireplace are near an age-old rose garden.

  • Garden Boutique

This garden features the Garden Boutique where visitors can tour the grounds and buy native plants, tomatoes and garden art.

Proceeds from the tour support the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative, a collaborative effort initiated by the Westport Garden Club and including 60 partner organizations. The group has planted 150 acres of new prairies in parks and along highways, native plant displays in gardens and parks and more than 175 monarch gardens.

Tour tickets are $45 in advance and can be purchased at The Westport Garden Club. Garden locations are on the ticket.

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