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Track your carbon footprint on EcoCRED

You can track many of your daily habits and see how small changes can reduce your carbon footprint when you use the free EcoCRED app.

The average carbon footprint, the amount of carbon emitted per person, is 95.4 pounds of Co2 per day in the United States.

By paying attention to small daily habits, the EcoCRED community of about 4,300 users has shaved off 55.1 tons of Co2, which is the equivalent to planting  550.1 acres of forest since the beginning of July.

App users can sign up for a daily reminder to help change habits and remember to turn off lights, take a quick shower, turn off the tap, plan a zero-waste lunch, bike to work, or better yet, telecommute. For each action taken, users get points so they can see their impact and how you rank compared to others. You can also qualify for rewards that range from donations to national parks or carbon offset funds to receiving a four-pack of LED lightbulbs or a three-month subscription to the New York Times.

Download the EcoCRED app for free on Apple devices.

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