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Track a pollinator migration at Butterfly Festival

Follow a butterfly’s annual migration from the Midwest to Mexico and see 1,000 butterflies and moths at Powell Garden’s Festival of Butterflies from July 21 to August 7.

The festival begins in the glass-walled Martha Jane Phillips Starr Butterfly Conservatory, which will have more than a 1,000 butterflies and moths flying among tropical plants that are native to the natural habitats of these pollinators. Visitors can witness metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly and cocoon to moth as each takes flight for the very first time.

Visitors can also follow an outdoor trail that traces the migratory path of the monarch butterfly. The journey continues through a butterfly meadow walk, a pollinator playground catch and release, a native butterfly habitat, a creation station butterfly parade, festival after hours event and a butterfly ball. A unique feature is the Lepidoptera Personality Test where visitors can see if their personality matches a Monarch butterfly, Luna moth or other fluttering friend. (Lepidoptera is the scientific name for both moths and butterflies.)

Several additional butterfly events are planned, including:

  • Coneflower Tea, Saturday, July 23
  • Book Club: Bicycling with Butterflies, Saturday, July 30
  • Native Plants as Host Plants for Butterflies, Saturday, July 30
  • Artful Gardens, Sunday, July 31
  • Gardening 101: Lotus or Waterlily?, Saturday, August 6

Find information on festival events, admission and hours at Powell Gardens, 1609 N.W. U.S. Highway 50, Kingsville, MO.

Photo: Powell Gardens

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