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Unplug home energy vampires and save $165

This Halloween while vampires are slinking through the streets, unplug the energy vampires lurking inside your home and save up to $165 a year in energy costs.

Electronic appliances consume power even when they are switched off or in standby mode but still plugged in, creating vampire energy and costing consumers hundreds of dollars each year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, idle gadgets suck up $10 billion in energy annually, and account for approximately 5 percent of the energy usage in an average home. That works out to an extra $165 in annual energy costs per household, according to the Natural Resource Defense Council.

Common energy vampires include:

  • Desktop computers
  • TVs
  • Digital personal assistant (Echo, Alexa, Google Now, etc.)
  • DVD players and DVRs
  • Cell phone chargers (and any other battery chargers)
  • Video game consoles
  • Clock radios
  • Computers and printers
  • Coffeemakers
  • Power strips
  • Microwave ovens
  • Any device with a remote control
  • Any device with a clock
  • Programmable devices
  • Devices with a power light or standby indicator light

To ward off these energy vampires, use energy-saving modes, plug cords into power strips that can be turned off, and when possible, unplug appliances when not in use.

Photo: Wikipedia, Public Domain in the U.S

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Plus wifi!