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What’s in Your Paper?

On June 17, The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) wants everyone to ask, “What’s in your paper?”

Environmentalist Dayna Reggero, who started out as a spokesperson for endangered species at 19, describes paper as: “One tiny product that is an extraordinary opportunity not only to protect our ancient old growth forests and other forests, but also to protect the climate, clean air, clean water, communities, indigenous peoples.”

So what’s in your paper at Greenability magazine? We have big news for the newest issue of Greenability. The July/August issue is hot off the press, showing up in mailboxes and will be at newsstands soon as our first 100-percent, post-consumer recycled issue. The magazine is also now printed by one of the most sustainable printers in the country, Posty Cards where Greenability is also located.

The inside pages have been printed on Cascades Rolland Enviro 100-percent recycled paper since early 2013, but until now, the cover stock was not manufactured at that level. The manufacturer of New Leaf Reincarnation announced that the cover paper used by Greenability has increased its post-consumer recycled content from 60 percent to 100 percent.

Greenability paper is also certified Elemental Chlorine Free which means it is processed without the chlorine that is commonly used to make paper white. It is printed with soy-based ink, instead of a petroleum-based product.

At Greenability, asking “What’s in your paper?” is something we are proud of.

Environmental Paper Network (EPN)  was formed in 2001 as a network of 100+ organizations working towards the common goal in the expanding forest, pulp and paper industry to contribute “to a clean, healthy, just and sustainable future for all life on earth.”

To measure the environmental impacts of your paper usage and discover the best paper choices, check out the Paper Calculator.

Learn more about our big news in the July/August issue.

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