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Wild(life) in the city

You might think that hiking trails, conservation areas and parks are the only places to go to spot wildlife in the city. But, even in urban areas, nature is all around us, and with perceptive eyes and a little luck, you can get an up-close glimpse of Mother Nature right in your own backyard. Or, in this instance, in a hanging basket on the front porch of a house in midtown Kansas City.












We want to know where our readers have spotted nature in the city. Share your urban wildlife tales and photos with us!

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11 years ago

Thanks for the midtown robin feature in the latest online greenability! I also live in midtown and I do have a fairly active critter-friendly front porch. I may have some photos to share. I’ll send something soon if I do.

11 years ago

Those are my birds! I miss them! Awesome post 🙂