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Going zero waste: Your guide to local refill shops

In response to the growing awareness about plastic pollution, local refill shops are emerging to help reduce single-use plastic.

By encouraging customers to bring containers and refill essential household items, these refill shops are helping curb disposable plastics one container at a time.

One refill shop, the SOAP Refill Station in Kansas City, has now refilled over 70,000 containers since it first opened in 2020 – proving that refill shops can be a catalyst for good.

We’ve rounded up local refill options in the Kansas City area to help you on your zero waste journey.

Refill store basics

How do refill shops work? The process is very easy. Many stores operate the same allowing you to bring in your own containers or select containers at the store. Then, the store will help you weigh the containers before and after filling up your products.

Local refill shops usually stock products and brands that are sustainable, non-toxic, and natural.

Another benefit is you can buy as much or as little as you want.

SOAP Refill Station

This refill shop features many options for your entire home including hair and body care, laundry soaps, and cleaning products. They carry popular eco-friendly brands like Dr. Bronner’s, Vermont Soap, and Griffin Remedy, as well as their own products.

The store also has an oil bar where you can make custom skin care cleansers and moisturizers. And, it carries many plastic free products like toothbrushes and floss.

You can bring your own containers, choose from free container donations, or buy reusable containers at the store.

If your business is interested in bulk products, the shop also sells to local businesses.

Location: 7441 Broadway, Kansas City, MO | Visit Website

The Greener Home

Located in the Northland, The Greener Home features many refillable products for personal care and household products including laundry soaps, shampoo, dish soap, cleaning products, and more.

It also carries other sustainable goods that help reduce plastic waste.

Location: 16 Main St., Parkville, MO | Visit Website

Green Come True

Green Come True features household and body care soaps and zero waste products with milkman-style delivery. It makes its own locally crafted, eco-friendly products and uses plastic-free containers.

In addition to its Lawrence location, Green Come True sells products at the Overland Park Farmers Market on Saturdays, and delivers to Johnson County and surrounding areas.

Bulk and commercial pricing are also available.

Location: 741 New Jersey, Lawrence, KS | Overland Park Farmers Market & Lawrence Farmers Market | (Plus, Local Delivery Options) | Visit Website

Suds Refillery

This Shawnee-based refill shop features eco-friendly low waste and refillable products for household and personal care.

You can bring in your own bottles to fill, choose free ones at the shop, or buy refillable containers while you’re there.

In addition to its shop, Suds Refillery also does pop-ups at local events.

Location: 11111 W 59th Terr. #202, Shawnee, KS | Visit Website


Located in Lawrence, Less carries bulk refills and products with minimal packaging featuring non-toxic and natural household and personal products. It carries products from Plaine Products, Better Life, Rustic Strength, common good, and more.

You can bring your own containers, choose from free ones, and buy new containers at the shop.

Location: 745 New Hampshire St., Suite 2, Lawrence, KS | Visit Website


The sustainable shop and spa, HAND & LAND features an in-store refill station for plant-based hand and dish soap, laundry essentials, and more.

You can choose from its selection of refillable bottles, or bring in your own clean bottles. If you bring in your own containers, you’ll need to know how many ounces they hold.

Location: 3216 Gillham Pl., Kansas City, MO | Visit website

Pantry Goods

Pantry Goods provides household pantry staples with its own plastic-free and compostable packaging delivered to your door. It carries natural and organic bulk products for cooking, baking, and cleaning.

It uses plant-based packaging that meets composting standards for industrial and home composting.

Location: Online with delivery | Visit Website

Other local shops with specialty refill stations

The Zum Factory Store

Sold at retailers nationally and located in Kansas City, the Zum Factory Store does offer refills for laundry detergent.

Location: 3125 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, MO | Visit Website

Wicked West Bottoms

Located in the West Bottoms, this hair salon carries luxury shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks at an in-store refill station. It also carries shampoo bars and plastic free styling products. It is open by appointment only.

Location: 1311 W 13th St., Suite 1A, Kansas City, MO | Visit Website

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Robin Wall
Robin Wall
1 month ago

Thank you! Didn’t know I had a refillery in my area.
BTW Suds is at 11111 W 59th Terr. (not 1111 W 59th Terr.)

1 month ago

Thank you for this listing! You can refill Dr. Bronner’s soaps at Ten Thousand Villages in Downtown Overland Park.

Karen R.
Karen R.
1 month ago

We love Suds Refillery! They’re super nice, and we always find something new to try there!