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See what happens if we stop “shopping”

Join a virtual discussion with the author of The Day the World Stops Shopping, and see how ending excessive buying could save the planet and ourselves.

The Kansas City Public Library will host this free, live virtual event at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 21. To register, go to Kansas City Public Library. After the event, the interview will be posted in the library archive at

According to data cited by award-winning author J.B. MacKinnon, Americans burn the earth’s resources at a rate five times faster than it can regenerate. So, MacKinnon asks what would happen – to the economy, our products, our planet, ourselves – if we consumed less in an environment that says we must always buy more or there will be widespread unemployment, bankruptcy and home foreclosure.

Using his research from around the world and the COVID-pandemic, MacKinnon looks at ways to reduce consumption to earth-saving levels without triggering economic collapse. He consults experts in fields ranging from climate change to economics to show how living with less would change the planet, our society and ourselves. Along the way, he proposes what there is to gain.

Photo: Gilbert Mercier / CC


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