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Environmental endeavors show us what’s possible

Neighbors challenge neighbors to compost food and yard waste
Neighbors_7851 copy

Photo by: John Mutrux

Sharing a single compost bin among four Armour Fields neighbors proves that back-yard composting can be a simple, social, fruitful cinch. (Back row, from left) Willow Lundgren, Charlie Atwell, Michael Lundgren and Chloe Lundgren. (Middle) Scott Moore, Laura Moore, Janel Atwell, Megan Thornberry, Madeleine Lundgren. (Front) Ellie Thornberry, Clay Lundgren, Steve and Topher Thornberry. March/April 2010

Girl Scouts go green with blue jeans
IMG_1377 Girl Scouts

Photo by: Peggy Lawrey

Local Girl Scouts enjoyed a week of reuse and recycling lessons at Camp Extreme Green, where 200 girls in kindergarten through 12th grade learned how they could impact the environment and inspire others to do the same just by thinking of everyday items in a new way. One hundred pairs of cast-off blue jeans were recycled into purses by local Girl Scouts at a recent Camp Extreme Green. September/October 2010

Students practice stepping lightly on the Earth

IMG_5770 Interns

Greenability’s 2010 summer interns were given a special assignment: find ways to experience greener living, and then write about it. They each chose a different month-long adventure to reduce their carbon footprints. (From left) Mary Lynn Coulson prepared to go back to school without buying anything new. Janie Chen decided to try eating vegetarian, and Benjamin Bachwirtz chose to travel only by bike or public transportation. November/December 2010

Hospital Hill Run sprints to a greener finish
2010HHR268 Hospital Run

Photo by: Action Sports International

The 38th annual Hospital Hill Run was bigger and greener than ever. With more than 7,500 runners participating, organizers worked to reduce waste and energy use with the hope of becoming a model for other races around the country. May/June 2011

Locals get a charge out of building electric vehicles

Photo by: Patricia Zollmann-Kissinger

Want to build your own electric car? Join the Mid-America Electric Auto Association monthly meeting at the Waldo Community Branch Library. The regulars compare notes, check out the finished cars and exchange ideas for building their own electric vehicles. January/February 2012

Interns hop the bus for Green Commute Challenge


Joe McShane, special programs coordinator with KCATA, helped Michelle Reichmeier navigate her first bus ride from Johnson County to midtown Kansas City during the summer Greenability interns learned how to use public transportation as part of the Green Commute Challenge of the Mid-America Regional Council. Kristina Beverlin started her Green Commute Challenge to the Greenability office by hopping a bus at Oak Park Mall. May/June 2012

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